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Commercial Voiceovers in San Diego, CA

Whether looking to promote your business or developing an important presentation, having the right voice is essential to capturing your audience's attention. The Velvety Vocal Vibes of Nancy Regas offers such a voice. To schedule an audition for commercial voiceovers in San Diego, CA, or learn more about her voiceover services, call her today.

Voiceover Work

As a voiceover artist, Nancy provides your project with a voice people want to listen to. She can explain how to use equipment or machinery, present information about your business to employees or potential clients, or voice your concerns to the public on your behalf—all in a clear, confident, and soothing voice. She's done work for radio, as well as Science Media Incorporated™. Some of her work includes commercials for Tasti Lee Tomatoes, Sasha's Canine Bakery, Thrift Pets, and Vintage Gold Classics as well as training and e-learning for All About Water, BioCom and Mechanical Ventilation Module for Pediatric Nurses.

Nancy's Specialties Include

• TV Messages for Churches
• Commercials for Businesses
• Training Videos/e-learning

Samples of Nancy's Work

Commercial Demo Narration Demo
Character Dental Commercial 1 Coaching Training Module
Character Dental Commercial 2 Show Announcement
• Political Commercial

Public Speaking

Having been a public educator and counselor for more than 20 years, Nancy has extensive experience dealing with teen issues and has worked with countless related speaking engagements. She can present your concerns regarding high school issues, domestic violence, parents, and college preparation. Her audiences include everyone from PTA groups to churches.